My first Scout Camp out on my scout track to Eagle

Where did we go?

We went to Heart Land Resort, IN for the scout camp out. After that we went to the HighSmith Guns shooting range In Greenfield, IN.

Who came along?

Everyone from my Webelos 2 den and most of the scouts from the troop came.  We even had 3 Eagle scouts to help us. A few parents (including my dad and the scoutmaster) came along to.

What did we see?

We saw a lot of white snow (not yellow) :). We also saw a few parts of a gun like the muzzle, barrel, and bullet.

What did we eat?

We ate campcakes (pancakes) and bacon for Breakfast. Then we ate hotdogs on a stick over the fire for lunch. For dinner we ate at Mozzi’s Pizza and almost exploded with pizza from the buffet. The adults ate breakfast burritos, a lot of the other scouts were jealous of them!

How was the weather?

It was really cold. On Sunday, it went down to 19 degrees, with a 7 degree wind chill. Brrrrrrr! It snowed about two inches while we were there. It was below freezing the whole time! I was glad I had my The North Face Sleeping Bag. It did a good job keeping me warm.

What did I like and not like about the camp out?

I liked the shooting the most. I did like going to sleep and changing clothes in the freezing cold. Again, Brrrrrr!

What did I learn that I will use on future scout camp outs?

I learned how to use my pocket knife better. I also earned my Totin’ chip. The Totin’ chip is what Boy Scouts need to carry a pocket knife and go into the axe yard. The axe yard is where you use axes and saws to cut wood and kindling for the fire. To help keep us from going Brrrrr! 🙂

About the author

I am the 5th grade son of the owner of I’ve recently crossed over to the Boy Scouts and I’m looking forward to the Scout Track to Eagle. I like camping, golf and Pokemon. I play Pokemon in a local league, and I’ll also be guest writing for our Pokemon site

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